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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Till We Meet Again!

Owh.. Its almost 1 week pass after join the teaching training of community with zero education via the NGO organization. Its quite challenging and make me awkward to adapt with the environment here for the first time. But truly inside my heart feel so sad  when i need to leave this place due to some excuses. TT_TT

What i can say, I MISS ALL OF U!

Now juz let the memories flow wif these awesome pics!

first i tot ur quite shy..

but both u can break the shyness..^_^

hehe..i like to see both u smiling.owh me..not-fully-ready yet!

during class observation one of the community at Seputeh

reading by covering her book..heeee

together we celebrate our friend's bestday

then see their perfomances

aaarghhh..this time im pretty much of us said 'dh tue2 pon blaja lagi' funny

haha..during teaching practice. first time teaching makes me feel like watching horror movies..hohoho

we play games happily..

ok now wif all beauties n handsomes..awesome *_*

p/s : mood is turning back to normal life..home sweet home. Alhamdulillah

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